Monday, February 9, 2009

the worst moment dat i really hate!

today,the worst thing happen to me…myb for certain poeple is not so worst, but for me, absolutely yes…i hate those things that made me fight wit mybeshfren…coz 4 me,fren is evrything…when ur femly couldn’t understand u, d besh person can do is ur fren…today it happen again,could i b strong or crying all those times and pretend juz like nothing happen???could i???oh God, help me……i need d shoulder to cry on…can i have a good relationship wit her juz like b4…i juz want to do d best for not for me…or mybe her unpleasant wit my way???i dun noe…juz now,i want to say sorry, but she leave me juz like dat…is it wrong???wut should i do???and the things i really hate is we fight bcoz of org len yg paling bodoh dan xde perasaan dlm idup…dan org tu lelaki yg xpenah nk menghargai pengorbanan seorang perempuan!! stupid!!!

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